We engineer “things” so they can speak for themselves

Imagine’s proprietary graphene sensing technology is designed for the Internet of Things. It enables valuable information to be harvested from the materials that things are made from, then processed and delivered to the user.

Our sensing systems are integral to the materials themselves. Imagine a future where every component of a road, dam wall, mine, building, car, aircraft, or clothing will provide measurable manageable information.

Graphene sensing technology innovation

Graphene’s conductivity means that sensing is possible at the material level, a scale that allows for the convergence of materials and electronics.  Imagine has developed new sensing systems that capture data from graphene materials, process it and deliver “material intelligence” into an IoT connected world.

Applications in smart roads and smart mining technology

Imagine’s graphene sensing technology – smart materials that sense and report real-time changes in pressure, stress, temperature and moisture in a number of applications in a variety of industries; mining, resources, roads, construction, health, aged care, automotive and aerospace.

Smart roads use built-in pressure sensing to monitor vehicle position, weight and speed for better traffic control and safety. (read more here)

In smart mines even the smallest amount of ground movement can be detected, in underground mines and tailings dam structures, for real-time monitoring. (read more here)

Collaboration with industry and research

Imagine has a track record of working together with our research and commercial partners, delivering innovative product solutions that respond to the needs of our customers.

Thank you for your interest in Imagine Intelligent Materials.

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