Geofabrics’ future grounded in innovation

Geofabrics’ future grounded in innovation

Imagine IM commercial partner, Geofabrics, discusses with Manufacturers’ Monthly their new innovation led future.

A sidebar on graphene

The bidim with G3 project is the result of about nine months’ R&D with Imagine Intelligent Materials, which opened its Geelong pilot graphene factory this month.

“The background is that we’ve been working with them for about a year, I’d say, and in that industry, electrical conductivity in textiles has been desired for a long time,” David Giles-Kaye, executive director of Imagine IM’s certification labs, told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

Functionalised graphene would provide this conductivity and, if successful, provide a self-reporting leak-detection system for the many applications geotextiles are used in.”

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