Graphene innovator Imagine Intelligent Materials to present at world’s biggest composites event in Paris

  • Imagine IM announced as a finalist in JEC World Startup Booster competition
  • Largest global composite materials conference
  • Opportunity to present to world’s leading advanced manufacturers
  • Imagine IM to showcase future industrial-scale sensing applications for pressure, moisture and temperature using graphene composites

Imagine Intelligent Materials (Imagine IM), Australia’s leading graphene applications company, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to compete in the Startup Booster competition at JEC World 2017, the world’s largest composites show.

The Startup Booster is a global competition sponsored by Airbus and Daimler aimed at identifying and promoting early-stage firms with innovative, game-changing composite material products. Imagine IM will present examples of its scalable industrial textile sensors.

Imagine IM’s Head of R&D, Phil Aitchison, said, “We have proven our ability to deliver electrically conductive coatings in geotextiles that are more efficient, easier to install and more economical than the alternatives. Our goal is to leverage the conductivity we create using graphene to then deliver real-time reporting on environmental change – stress, moisture, temperature, and at very large scale. The Startup Booster will give us the opportunity to get on the radar of some of the largest potential customers in the world at one event.”

March’s JEC World event will feature over 1,300 exhibitors from over 90 countries, and over 16 international pavilions, and covers the entire composites value chain. This will be the debut of the Startup Booster program.

Imagine IM was formed in 2014 and its first product is a conductive coating solution for geotextiles, imgne® X3. This product enables inexpensive and accurate detection of leaks in the liners of dams. The first installation of imgne® X3 is planned for April this year.

The Booster will be held on the opening day of the March 14 – 16 event.

For further information please contact:

Chris Gilbey, CEO

Phone +61 (0) 414 223 763
Imagine Intelligent Materials
Suite 306, 414 Gardeners Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018

http://www.imgne.comAbout graphene:

Graphene’s discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. Graphene is the first two-dimensional material and is classed as a “super-material” offering extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, strength, and impermeability to all gases.

About Imagine Intelligent Materials:

Imagine IM is the leading Australian developer of graphene-based coatings for industrial textiles and fibres. It was founded in 2014 by a group of scientists led by Chris Gilbey and Phil Aitchison, with a vision to create disruptive products and solutions that use graphene. Imagine IM has developed a licensing and certification model to ensure that participants in the supply chain are required to meet a set of standards of materials quality. Imagine IM is the first company in the world to develop conductive geosynthetic materials using functionalised graphene.

About JEC World and the Startup Booster

JEC World 2017 is the largest composites show in the world, covering the entire composites value chain, including raw material, software, services and final products.

The event will explore the how composites will help “respond to the challenges of our century: environment, sustainability, Industry 4.0., innovation, prospective, knowledge and trends.”

The new “Startup Booster” program will identify, select and support innovations with the potential to change the industrial landscape.