Second installation of ground-breaking Australian graphene innovation

  • Second successful installation of Imagine IM’s graphene coating for geotextiles
  • Provides hole detection for tailings dams and containment tanks
  • Lower cost of materials, and lower installation cost
  • Holes down to 0.7 mm can be detected
  • Firm purchase orders for coatings to cover 100,000 m2 received
  • Case studies of first installations will aid US market entry

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“Imagine IM is one of a handful of companies globally that has established paths to market for graphene. The company has also established Australia’s first commercial graphene manufacturing plant with a capacityto produce over 10 tonnes of graphene per year.

“These CSG installations validate our ability to deliver solutions for civil engineering and
infrastructure. Geosynthetic materials are a key component of all infrastructure building,
and mining, waste and water management represent a major market opportunity for us”
said Imagine IM CEO Chris Gilbey.

The solution allows operators to reduce the risk of leakage of toxic leachate from CSG
mining into groundwater and aquifers.

“Installers told us that they were impressed by both the efficiency of the product and the
ease of installation” Gilbey continued.

“This is an important first step toward delivering our vision of graphene-enabled smart
materials that can report changes in stress, temperature and moisture in real-time. Our
vision is for our solutions to be a valuable component of both manufacturing and
infrastructure in the future.”