Finland Welcomes Imagination: An Interview With Imgne® Founder And Ceo Chris Gilbey.

“Founded in 2014, Imagine Intelligent Materials or Imgne has enjoyed commercial success in Australia and recently chose Helsinki to establish their European headquarters. The company is the first in the world to develop conductive geosynthetic materials using functionalised graphene. Imgne sensory technologies harness the conductivity of graphene to capture real-time and measurable data from the very materials things are made from.

The trial of a single piece of Imgne® X3 has enabled leak detections for an area of over 10,000 square meters at a site in Queensland, Australia. We interviewed Imgne Founder and CEO, Mr. Chris Gilbey OAM to learn more about what was behind the move Finland and how Imgne is realising the potential of this revolutionary material, graphene.”


Author: Jonathon Fogarty is the Information Officer at the Embassy of Finland.  

Photo: Imagine Intelligent Materials© 

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