The new Imgne X3 is a conductive graphene-based industrial coating that is applied to non-woven geotextiles. IMAGINE Intelligent Materials has developed an electrically conductive geotextile from graphene that can detect holes in coal seam gas waste storage ponds and tanks during construction.

“The system uses a conductive non-woven geotextile in between two non-conductive membranes that allows defects to be sensed by industry standard arc testing techniques.

The coat’s electrical conductivity can transform a synthetic geotextile into a simple to install, low-cost leak detection system, that can detect unseen holes in membranes used in landfill cells, tailings dams and tunnels.

The system showcases Imagine’s large area real-time pressure and strain sensors that sense changes in pressure, stress, temperature and moisture at scale and report in real-time.

The Imgne X3 has been commercialised in partnership…”

from Imagine all the graphene