Manufacturing materials of the future – Smart composites

Manufacturing materials are undergoing a huge change, particularly with the advent of composite materials that include components such as carbon fibre and graphene.

Composite materials have been around since mud and straw were mixed together to build ancient bricks. Concrete and fibreglass are also among the long line of materials that are stronger or more useful combined than in their constituent parts.

… Imagine IM has used similar graphene-enhanced fabric to create a prototype smart car seat as part of the Stuttgart-based Startup Autobahn collaboration platform. Imagine IM’s smart fabric for car seats act as a sensor that reacts to and reports back on motion and touch. The car can tell whether a child or adult is in the seat and if someone has left a parcel on the back seat and feed that information back to the airbags. A textile seat sensor can control various functions of the seat and the car.

by: Lea Kivivali

Photo: Imagine Intelligent Materials

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