Imagine Intelligent Materials research with Deakin University’s Mediated Intelligence in Design (MInD) lab was featured in Australian Ageing Agenda. The bi-monthly magazine focuses on people who work in or around the broad aged services and retirement living sectors in Australia.

The brand new technology has been mastered by Geelong-based Imagine Intelligent Materials, while researchers in Deakin’s Mediated Intelligence in Design (MInD) Lab are exploring ways to put the surface material to practical use.

Intelligent materials are already used widely in the mining, automotive and aerospace industries, but there is limited understanding of the technology’s potential inside public and private buildings. In these places, the technology could be a lot more accurate and a lot cheaper than traditional sensors.

The article features Professor Tuba Kocaturk describing the potential applications of the fusion between Imagine’s technology and MInD labs AI intelligence:

“When someone falls, immediate pressure would be applied to the surface – data that can be captured and shared immediately with relatives and carers, for example, or even hospitals.”

But the smart material’s intelligence can go way further, says Prof Kocaturk.

“What is more exciting, is we can create algorithms that understand certain patterns and movements, and when these change, we can be notified.”

The material could detect, for example, if an individual’s walking is different to normal, or less than normal, which could enable relatives or carers to get to their loved one before an incident occurs.

If someone left a tap on, the first drip onto the floor would be detected by the material’s sensors.

Imagine and Deakin are looking to establish multiple test floors with organisations in Australia and overseas.

Read more at the Australian Ageing Agenda website.