This morning Technology for Geelong organised the 2019 Regional Innovation Summit, part of the Victorian Governments Digital Innovation Festival in order to drive digital innovation and inclusion in Greater Geelong. The Geelong Manufacturing Council opened the event and invited Chris Gilbey from Imagine Intelligent Materials and Pro Tuba Kocaturk from the MiND Lab at Deakin University to present their shared vision for smart cities. Cities can use Imagine’s smart sensing surfaces, devices and algorithms to generate richer sensing data than has been possible before. Incorporating analytics engines into our technology will provide predictive intelligence to buildings, allowing them to be used more efficiently. For example, lighting and air conditioning units could be tailored to where people are in the building, while building managers can visualise how their workplaces are being utilised.

Part of Imagine’s Geelong team (Dennis, Vito and Steve) demonstrated the flexibility and potential of our smart flooring technology, installing the system and uploading data to the cloud within an hour.

After the event Chris Gilbey spoke about the benefits of operating in Geelong:

Everyone we talk to wants, quite reasonably, to see use cases for large scale surface sensing technology such as ours – after all the cost of making bad decisions can be huge.

The great thing about working in a regional city for us is that the research team is just down the road from our plant, and the local city council is extremely supportive and keen to be visible as a centre of excellence for advanced manufacturing and technology leadership.

Over the next few months we are going to keep building our visibility in Geelong, and hopefully also develop new manufacturing partnerships locally.

Special thanks to Michael Williams from the Geelong Manufacturing Council and Geelong City Library for inviting Imagine Intelligent Materials to present.