Global Alliance Automotive has invited Jaakko Kaidesoja to speak at their global conference in Baden-Baden, Germany on September 17th. He will meet a global network of business development & engineering service providers who are active in all major automotive markets covering 15 countries and representing 167 automotive suppliers with $2.1B in annual Sales. GAA provides an efficient, cost-effective resource for small and medium sized companies to develop new business within the automotive sector. Jaakko will have a deep discussion with key GAA members and further strengthen Imagine’s relationships within the automotive industry.

Imagine will present its technology solutions for the industry, including its textile-based graphene human-machine interface (HMI) for automotive interiors. Initially developed as a prototype ‘smart seat’ to Daimler at Startup Autobahn 2017 in Stuttgart, the Imagine Visible™ IoT sensing and reporting platform, has taken HMI beyond rigid, bulky materials and into slim, flexible textiles. Imagine’s solution can be integrated into any surface. A user brushes the surface with their finger to initiate a response. Controls are at your fingertips, when and where you need them.

Phillip Aitchison, VP R&D said:

“Our technology is totally intuitive, it is very natural, allowing for swipes and instinctive motions on surfaces that give a totally natural feeling. It’s diametrically different to small buttons, knobs and touchscreens, because you can assign a function to an area after it has been manufactured. Think programmable surfaces!”

IMAGINE’s proprietary and scalable graphene manufacturing process enables conductive graphene coatings to be applied to textiles using existing techniques and methods to create “intelligent” materials. This makes integration into supply chains straightforward.

More information on Global Alliance Automotive is available on their website.