Kauppalehti the main Finnish commercial newspaper reported on Imagine’s progress in signals processing for its 2nd September edition.

Kauppalehti has regularly followed Imagine’s development work in Finland, announcing the opening of our new signals processing office on the Salo IoT campus. The Salo campus is familiar territory for our Finnish Team, Jaakko, Timo and Ville as they worked there as part of former multinational telecommunications giant Nokia several years ago.

Jaakko Kaidesoja (President)

Timo Huuhtanen (Head of Software Development)

Ville Tulonen (Senior Software Development)

The story covers Imagine’s overall approach from graphene manufacturing to signals processing and software development and highlights our first flooring solution. It describes the potential use cases in health and aged care, retail and office space and explains how similar technology can be applied for leak detection.

Another key point covered is the challenging signals processing environment and the unique skills the ex-Nokia software engineers have to develop new solutions and algorithms – the key reason why Imagine has established its office in Finland. Imagine’s Finnish team was a central part of the development of our breakthrough sensing solution that generates valuable data from the whole of a surface utilising imgne® X3 graphene coatings and Imagine’s edge-based signal processing devices. This combination means that valuable information can be harvested from surfaces, in real time, on pressure, moisture, stress and temperature, and at a fraction of the cost that has been previously been possible. This new sensing technology platform is a major step up from Imagine’s first product, imgne® X3, which was launched in 2018 and applied to geotextiles to enable leak detection in liners for tailings dams.

The article concludes with an interview with Jaakko describing the differences when working at big global companies vs. a small start-up and the benefits and challenges of both.

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