Media Release 4th September

  • Data collection and analytics in real time from the whole of a surface
  • Breakthrough technology for the trillion-dollar Internet of Things (IoT) sector
  • Low cost graphene coatings and edge-based electronics ensure solutions are low cost, easy to install and software updatable
  • Proven in trials to scale to areas of more than 4,000m2
  • Applications in smart buildings, health care, automotive and more

A world first sensing solution for large surface areas has been developed by Imagine Intelligent Materials, an Australian based graphene and data analytics company.  Imagine IM’s integrated sensing solution mimics the way that the human skin transfers information to the brain and will disrupt sensing in a number of industries.

Imagine’s breakthrough sensing solution generates valuable data from the whole of a surface utilising imgne® X3 graphene coatings and Imagine’s edge-based signal processing devices. This combination means that valuable information can be harvested from surfaces, in real time, on pressure, moisture, stress and temperature, and at a fraction of the cost that has been previously been possible.

Worldwide, Imagine is one of the few graphene companies to create large scale commercial applications utilising graphene. The new sensing technology platform is a major step up from Imagine’s first product, imgne® X3, which was launched in 2018 and applied to geotextiles to enable leak detection in liners for tailings dams.

Chris Gilbey, Executive Chairman of Imagine said:

“Imagine leverages the amazing electrical conductivity of graphene made in our Geelong factory and signals processing algorithms developed in our Finnish operation to deliver a low-cost sensing solution for an entire surface that will scale easily and efficiently”

Jaakko Kaidesoja, President of Imagine added:

“We are developing applications that address needs in health care, buildings and automotive markets where we can deliver real time data on the factors which are truly important. The potential is really extraordinary. Aging demographics and increased residential care mean there is an urgent need to monitor movements; to reduce the frequency of falls, to reduce the likelihood of bedsores and do this inexpensively and reliably. We can deliver improved sensing in automotive applications too, and are working on an after-market product that monitors stress in concrete in high rise buildings.  Solving people problems is both the right thing to do and highly profitable”.

Imagine’s sensing solutions are aimed at industrial and consumer applications for the global IoT market. According to McKinsey, by 2025 the Internet of Things will contribute up to $US11 trillion in economic value globally.

For further information please contact:

Chris Gilbey OAM

+61 414 223 763

About Imagine Intelligent Materials:

Imagine IM is an Australian graphene sensing company, founded in 2014 by Chris Gilbey and Phil Aitchison. Imagine has developed a licensing and certification model that assures participants in the supply chain of the replicability of graphene functionality and quality. Imagine is the lead industrial partner in Graphene Certification Labs, based at Swinburne University and was also the first Australian company to build a commercial scale graphene manufacturing capability.  Imagine was the first company in the world to develop conductive geosynthetic materials using functionalised graphene and is the first company to be able to deliver large scale surface sensing using graphene.