Dave Cairns from Geelong Advertisers’ Business Beat announced Imagine Intelligent Materials Memorandum of Understanding with Melbourne transport and logistics company MTAW Group.

Real-time monitoring of freight movement using a graphene sensing system made in Geelong could lead to increased road safety… in the first application of a product that has potential for use worldwide in the trucking industry.

The Imagine system has been developed to measure and report on load rate, unload times and wait times spent in the warehouse or terminal, and to monitor for theft, by providing reports on total weight, changes over time and variations in weight distribution.

MTAW Group managing director Shane Barry was quoted:

“Real-time monitoring of freight movement as well as weight changes could well take chain of responsibility reporting to the next level… Being able to deliver on these targets is crucial to operating in this country and everywhere else, too.”

For the full article, please see the Geelong Advertiser website [paywall].