Joseph Giorgio and Lachlan Hyde from Graphene Certification Labs, a partnership with Swinburne University of Technology and Imagine, visited our Salo, Finland office yesterday. Imagine’s Salo offices are focused on developing the software analytics to capture and process the data generated from our graphene fabrics deployed with our partners in Australia and around the world.

Graphene Certification Labs provides the research that enables Imagine to deliver replicability and quality assurance within our graphene manufacturing supply chains. Our partners can use graphene with confidence knowing their materials have been characterised, tested and certified in the laboratories as part of Imagines’ Graphene Certification System. The labs are situated within Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future, located at the Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

Why Is Certification Needed?

  1. Graphene in composite materials will revolutionise industry and improve quality of life for us all
  2. However, manufacturing requires predictability and replicability
  3. And graphene can perform differently when it is combined with different materials

It’s not just about the purity of the source of the graphite that the graphene is made from. It’s about how the graphene interacts with other materials in the manufacturing process.

Graphene is a new material that will driving advanced manufacturing today. Imagine’s philosophy is that we need to integrate our technologies into existing manufacturing processes in order to deliver new products fast. Replicability and quality assurance are critical to scalable manufacturing. Creating the means to provide this assurance of performance is the mission for the Imagine Graphene Certification Centre.

We don’t make a product that can be called graphene in order to sell it. We engineer the graphene we make and compound it into other materials in order to deliver a solution. We then work in conjunction with our partners, licensees and customers to confirm that the solution performs according to their specifications, every time. Imagine Intelligent Materials is actively looking for and engaging with new partners to commercialise new graphene solutions using our F3 “industrial equivalent of skin” sensing technology.