Media Release    16th October 2019

Large Scale Sensing IoT Solutions For Trucking Developed In Geelong

  • Graphene sensing solutions for cargo monitoring developed in Geelong
  • Breakthrough low cost graphene sensing system to monitor movement, damage, theft
  • Set to improve cargo monitoring productivity for Australia’s trucking industry
  • Potential global market in the $billions

Imagine Intelligent Materials Limited, a leading Australian advanced manufacturing company, developing large scaled sensing systems using graphene, and MTAW Group, one of Australia’s leading providers of bulk transport and warehousing have signed an MoU to develop cargo sensing for the next generation of trucks.

Under the agreement, MTAW Group is providing Imagine with a truck that will utilise Imagine’s sensing surfaces to provide real time data on cargo movement, weight and other key factors. Through this partnership, Imagine anticipates being able to fine tune its data capture systems, and develop solutions that focus on delivering into the needs of trucking fleet operators.

Imagine’s solution for trucks is anticipated to improve efficiency, quality of service and safety. It has been developed to enable measurement and reporting on load rate, unload times and wait time spent in the warehouse or terminal. Imagine’s quality of service solution is designed to monitor goods arrival time and integrity, and to monitor for theft. This will be achieved by Imagine’s sensing system providing reports on total weight, changes over time, and variations in weight distribution in the cargo space.

Pictured: Shane Barry, Managing Director of MTAW Group and Vito Giorgio, Imagine Intelligent Materials holding up the imgne® Visible™ weight sensing GUI.

Jaakko Kaidesoja, President of Imagine, said, “I have a real understanding of the challenges faced by logistics operators, as a result of having run logistics for the largest trucking operator in Finland, Posti Group. One of my objectives, when I joined Imagine, was to figure out how to develop a highly competitive and functional solution to address the challenges that I was personally aware of and to ensure that we could deliver them cost effectively for truck operators like MTAW. Being able to develop a solution in partnership with an operator is critical because you never know as much as your customer about their challenges. This relationship will enable Imagine to fast track solutions development”.

Shane Barry, Managing Director of MTAW Group, said, “Working with a technology company that has direct experience in logistics is hugely valuable. MTAW Group takes pride in scrupulously meeting all our compliance requirements. We believe that if Imagine’s technology can contribute to us being a leader in Chain of Responsibility audit practices it could be a major differentiator for us as well as enabling us to serve our customers more effectively. Real time monitoring of freight movement as well as weight changes could well take chain of responsibility reporting to the next level and of course that also means more safety. Being able to deliver on these targets is crucial to operating in this country and everywhere else too. Cost is important but safety trumps cost every time. Our key customers are global companies dealing with bulk goods and they have stringent internal reporting requirements to their shareholders, particularly those that are headquartered in the EU. We want to innovate and we want to differentiate. This is going to enable us to do both.”

Imagine’s integrated sensing solutions are designed to mimic the way that the human skin transfers information to the brain and are anticipated to disrupt a number of industries where data will be imperative to improving productivity.

Imagine’s breakthrough sensing solution generates valuable data from the whole of a surface utilising imgne® X3 graphene coatings and Imagine’s edge-based signal processing devices. This combination, applied in logistics means that valuable information will be harvested from surfaces, in real time, on pressure, moisture, stress and temperature.

Imagine’s sensing solutions are aimed at industrial and consumer applications for the global IoT market. According to McKinsey, by 2025 the Internet of Things will contribute up to $US11 trillion in economic value globally.

For further information please contact:

Chris Gilbey OAM

+61 414 223 763

About Imagine Intelligent Materials:

Imagine IM is an Australian graphene sensing company, founded in 2014 by Chris Gilbey and Phil Aitchison. Imagine has developed a licensing and certification model that assures participants in the supply chain of the replicability of graphene functionality and quality. Imagine is the lead industrial partner in Graphene Certification Labs, based at Swinburne University and was also the first Australian company to build a commercial scale graphene manufacturing capability.  Imagine was the first company in the world to develop conductive geosynthetic materials using functionalised graphene and is the first company to be able to deliver large scale surface sensing using graphene.