Chris Gilbey, Imagine CEO and Chairman of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA) has called for government action to ensure Australia reaps the many benefits of graphene a super-material made from carbon that experts claim will help Australia meet its carbon emissions targets and allow Australian advanced manufacturers using graphene to become leaders worldwide.

In his opening remarks to the AGIA Graphene + Enabled Smart Cities Conference in Melbourne today Chris said Australia could be a global innovation hub for graphene-enhanced materials as these will be an intrinsic part of future ‘smart-cities’ thanks to its unmatched properties including strength and electrical and thermal conductivity.

“Australia has the potential to become a global powerhouse in developing revolutionary products that are made possible by graphene. We have here in Australia an amazing resource the leading graphene scientists in the world but we are in danger of losing our leadership position if state and federal governments don’t step up and incentivise the industries that are prepared to commercialise graphene”

“Industry is already acting to develop graphene-enabled products but it needs to be incentivised to develop the value-add activities and therefore jobs associated with this emerging local sector. It’s incumbent on our policymakers to support the creation of market conditions that encourage the proliferation of our graphene innovation into global supply chains.

“Graphene can be the panacea to deliver the ‘jobs and growth’ mantra we hear from politicians. We care about our Aussie sportspeople punching above their weight and winning gold however our graphene scientists have been doing precisely this for some years. We need to move their stories into the mainstream because they are the heroes of our time. Their work will do more than garner gold medals. It will generate billion-dollar revenues for Australia and make our economy great again.”

For the full press release, please see the AGIA website.

Chris Gilbey, OAM Executive Chairman & CEO