Imagine is running two showcase events in the first week of December, to demonstrate our large scale, real time, surface sensing technology. These events are open to shareholders, future investors, partners and other people interested in the vast potential of graphene. These events will be held in Geelong and Sydney on the evening of 3rd and 4th December respectively. Please find the details and RSVP on eventbrite below, space is limited.

Imagine has recently completed the installation of a Proof of Concept for a major global company. Imagine has closed an agreement with the company to develop alpha installations/trials of a sensing system for a massive addressable market opportunity. Our technology takes the best in materials science R&D from Australia together with the best in signals processing and algorithms delivered by our Finnish development group to deliver a really disruptive technology innovation in IOT, made possible by graphene. The market potential is massive, and you will be able to see some of it at these events.The president of Imagine, Jaakko Kaidesoja, will be on hand for the Geelong event. This is an opportunity for our Melbourne and Geelong shareholders to meet Jaakko. He is driving our European business development activities which will start seeing serious results during 2020.

Since the beginning of 2019 the Company has:

  • Continued to increase sales of imgne® X3 in Australia to Geofabrics (Australasia) Pty Ltd for its bidim-C product.
  • Built a team of signals processing and algorithm engineers, who are based in Imagine’s Finnish subsidiary company.
  • Presented at several international conferences.
  • Launched Imagine’s integrated Platform Sensing Technology, Imagine Visible™.
  • Entered into agreements to develop Proof of Concept demonstrators with a number of global companies – including a Human Machine Interface for Cars, a sensing smart floor for buildings.
  • Ran product showcase events in Geelong, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Entered into an MOU with MiND Lab at Deakin University and sold a technology demonstrator to them.
  • Successfully completed and installed a Proof of Concept demonstrator for a major global company, and closed an agreement with them to develop alpha installations/trials of a sensing system for a massive addressable market opportunity.
  • Closed an MOU with a Melbourne based trucking company to trial the Imagine technology in trucks, to sense freight movements, weight and more.
  • Executed a Letter Of Intent with a Japanese venture fund for an investment in Imagine.
  • Established Imagine Intelligent Flooring Technologies Inc in the USA.