Our first speaker: Dr Dominik Rohrmus, CTO of Labs Network Industrie 4.0, and Senior Engineer at Siemens AG

Never in the history of mankind have society and nations had to consider, and deal with, an existential challenge of the kind that CV-19 has dealt us. The Imagine webinar series will be invaluable for those that have chosen to be a part of the solution. The guest speakers will how technology, security, supply chains, materials, economics, globalisation and more, will go through revolution – not evolution: Change compressed over a short period of time to meet the demands of what becomes our “new normal”.

The Zoom webinars are scheduled for 1600 AEST Wednesdays, starting April 22. Please register at this link.

Every week Chris will introduce to the broad Imagine community a guest speaker with a unique set of insights and skills: people who are execution oriented, and who are working right now to develop the technologies, strategies, products that will shape the “new normal”. They are people from all over the world and from a variety of disciplines. For more insight on our CEO’s motivations, please see his LinkedIn post.

Presentations will be bite sized and easy to consume – 20 minutes of presentation, plus 10 minutes Q&A. If you are unable to make it, they will be recorded and available on our Vimeo page.

The other speakers scheduled to present are:

Professor Bronwyn Fox, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research at Swinburne University on April 29

Duncan Mayes, Management Executive Innovation & Emerging Business at Timberlink Australia on May 6.