Imagine has teamed up with APR Intern to offer a paid Internship in smart Surfaces for the Internet of Materials. This is available to domestic students in Australia, and will be based in the Geelong/Melbourne area.

  • Work with experts in material science, DSP engineers and electrical engineers.
  • Gain experience in a professional environment and grow your professional network
  • Work directly with the VP of R&D

Smart surfaces and the Internet of Materials (IoM) are the next frontier of the IoT. Imagine Intelligent Materials uses graphene is an enabling material to create large area sensing surfaces for buildings, roads, mining, automotive and aerospace. The challenge Imagine is solving is getting meaningful information out of the surface without adding complexity. This is achieved by advanced analogue signal processing from the edge, followed by digital processing and analytics.

Imagine is seeking an electrical engineer with training in analogue signal propagation and analysis who can also specify/source hardware and program that as required and create simulations of the system under test. The project will develop new techniques to extract information from electrically conductive surfaces. An understanding of antennas, electrical resistance tomography, beam forming, electrical wave propagation and interference are key to the project.

Techniques to locate changes in the properties of conductive surfaces give rise to antennae, capacitive switches and mobile phone touch screens. Imagine is adapting existing techniques and developing new techniques to extract time, location and magnitude data from large area, low precision conductive surfaces made from graphene all from the edge with no added wiring, batteries or sensors built into the conductive surface.

Read more and apply on the APR Internship website:

Imagine Intelligent Materials was founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia. The founders, from a background of materials science, signals processing and business, had a singular vision: to deliver infinitely scalable sensing systems using graphene enabling every part of the built environment to communicate.