About Us

We were founded in 2014 by a group of engineers, scientists and business people with a vision of using graphene to deliver infinitely scalable sensors that will enable every part of the built environment to communicate.

We have developed a vertically integrated business with the hardware that enables the materials to be interrogated and data to be moved into the cloud.

Our dashboards enable relevant data to be presented to the user in a variety of ways depending on the chosen application.

We built the first commercial graphene manufacturing plant in Australia.

We pioneered the development of conductive coatings using graphene.

We were to first to make leak detection geotextiles using graphene.

Our approach is to develop solutions and materials that can be deployed into existing manufacturing processes and supply chains with a QA certification process that allows users to trust the solution.

We work with leading researchers at universities in Australia and beyond, including Swinburne University, Deakin University, RMIT, CSIRO, the University of Wollongong and the University of Oklahoma.

Our graphene plant was the recipient of the Innovation, Research and Development Award from Engineers Australia for 2016.