Careers at Imagine Intelligent Materials

We are looking for very special people to join us on our journey. We want people who are passionate about improving society by developing products and bringing them to market. We want people who either have experience of doing this or want to get that invaluable hands on experience of being at the coal face.

We want people who are not afraid of making mistakes, but who use the experience to improve their ability to solve problems. We want people who can think outside of the box – and who ideally have multiple disciplines they can draw upon. We want people who understand that their remuneration has to be tied to contributing materially to the success of the company and that we all work together as a team to create success.

We are currently keen to identify people who have knowledge and experience in process manufacturing, materials science, and electrical engineering. They should have a Masters or PhD in their core discipline and must have residency status in Australia. We are not currently hiring people from other countries.

If you want to be considered, please register your interest by completing the form below and sending your CV.

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