Our Team

We believe that great companies are built through bringing together people with great talent and the ability to work together.

Imagine Intelligent Materials has gathered together an exceptional group of people from around the world. Our goal is for everyone in the company to be a leader in their own right. Everyone in the company becomes an owner, by having financial “skin in the game”. It makes success – or failure – personal. Our team is dedicated to execution.

We have depth of experience in materials development, manufacturing, licensing, business modelling and analytics.

We see our customers and licensees as an extension of our team and we know that their success is what will give us our success. Their view of us is what counts.

Chris Gilbey CEO

Chris Gilbey

(Executive Chairman & CEO)

Chris Gilbey is an entrepreneur focused on IP based businesses. He was CEO of digital signal processing company, Lake Technology (ASX). He sold Lake to Dolby and became their global consumer strategy advisor. He then co-founded internet video metrics company, Vquence, which he sold in 2013. He was Entrepreneur in Residence at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Electromaterials Science where he spun out Aquahydrex, a water splitting company. He is Honorary Principal Fellow at the Sydney Business School. His speciality is licensing business models

Graphene Technology Seminar with Phil Aichison

Phil Aitchison PhD

(Head of R&D)

Phillip has a more than 20 year history developing new technologies for energy storage notably lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors. He was VP R&D at CAP-XX, a listed supercapacitor company (AIM:CPX). He has a Doctorate in Chemistry awarded jointly by the University of Montpellier, and Victoria University of Wellington. Phil is the author of 4 of the patents that Imagine Intelligent Materials has applied for.

Dave Giles-Kaye

 (Head of Business Development)

Dave worked in business development and R&D at WL Gore and Associates (inventors of Gore-Tex). More recently Dave was CEO of Australian Defense Apparel, non-executive chairman of the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia and a consultant with the Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia.

Kirsty Cleland

 (Executive General Manager)

Kirsty has a major projects, telecommunications and finance law background, working with King & Wood Mallesons and Baker & McKenzie in Sydney and Chicago. More recently Kirsty has held startup company, technology management and commercialisation roles.  Her previous roles include Commercial Manager – Swinburne Innovation Precinct, CEO of Advanced Polymerik, Director of Business Development at ANSTO, and member of the CSIRO Future Manufacturing Flagship Advisory Committee.  Kirsty is a Graduate of the AICD.

Grant Mathieson

Grant Mathieson PhD

(Principal Graphene Applications Scientist)

Grant Mathieson is a serial inventor and prototyper, with field installation experience in mine site and water remediation applications. He is co-author of a number of patents that have been commercialized including  the “back contact” dye sensitized solar cell that led to the spin out of Aquahydrex from the University of Wollongong. Grant has developed the masterbatch formula that enables imgne G3 to be able to be scaled . He has a BSc (Hons) in Physics from the University of Otago, NZ,  and a PhD in both Chemistry and Materials & Porocess Engineering from University of Waikato NZ.

Phil Aitchison - Head of R&D / IP Strategy

Robert Gorkin PhD

(Research Engagement Manager)

Robert Gorkin is the recipient of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant for his work in developing a new hydrogel material for use in condoms. His role at Imagine is to engage with university research labs to ensure that Imagine is able to identify and leverage opportunities to license or acquire potentially valuable IP from publicly funded research labs to strategically increase Imagine’s IP portfolio. His background includes experience at a number of world class institutes. He received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California in 2010 and is pursuing an MBA.

Vito Giorgio

Vito Giorgio

(Process Chemist)

Vito has codeveloped the manufacturing process for IMGNE’s commercial graphene plant. He specialised in graphene research during his undergrad, received a WILS scholarship from the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) and holds an IntBSc(Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Wollongong.

Dimiter Nedialkov

(Applications Engineer)

Dimiter is an electrical engineer with experience in heliostat control systems, sonar, digital signals processing, simulations and modelling. His job is researching and developing new products at IMGNE.

Mark Kershaw

(Plant Manager)

Mark is Manager of IMGNE’s Geelong manufacturing operations, and is responsible for all
aspects of manufacturing IMGNE’s initial product offering, imgne® X3. He has over 30 years
of experience in manufacturing, working in industries as diverse as polymers, paper, fertilizer
and textiles. His experience and focus is in building and empowering teams to solve problems
and continuously improve operations. Mark has a B.S. in Chemistry from Monash University.