Imagine Intelligent Materials was founded in 2014 in Sydney, Australia. The founders, from a background of materials science, signals processing and business, had a singular vision: to deliver infinitely scalable sensing systems using graphene enabling every part of the built environment to communicate.

We believed then that the world needs more information to make informed decisions, and that we would be able to make building smart, roads smart, cars smart… and in so doing deliver massive productivity gains to our partners and customers. At the same time we believed that materials science has the capacity to solve many of the world’s biggest problems.

We are well advanced on our mission.

  • We built the first commercial graphene manufacturing plant in Australia.
  • We pioneered the development of conductive coatings using graphene.
  • We were to first to make leak detection geotextiles using graphene.

We have established a vertically integrated business model. Our graphene coatings deliver sensing capabilities to materials without impacting the structural integrity of the substrate. Our prototype signal processing devices can extract useful data from the materials on stress, moisture and heat.

We are now developing reference designs for these devices to enable them to be manufactured at scale. We intend to license the designs to third party manufacturers.

The data we collect can be moved into the cloud for further processing and analysis. We can present data to the user in a variety of ways depending on the application.

Our approach has always been that we need to work with existing manufacturing processes and supply chains, and that revolutionary approaches such as ours need to be de-risked in order for them to be adopted at large scale.

They also need to make sense economically. If what we do doesn’t help our partners achieve higher margins, improved market share, differentiation from competitors, why would they be incentivised to work with us? We try to hit the ball out of the park for them on each of these targets. That’s why some of the world’s largest companies are choosing to work with us.

We have also developed a graphene certification process that will enable our licensees and users to know that they can trust the solution we provide.

We are working with the world’s leading materials scientists in Australia and beyond, including those at Swinburne University, Deakin University, RMIT, CSIRO, the University of Wollongong and the University of Oklahoma.

We established a Digital Signals Processing engineering team in Finland 2018. Our graphene plant was the recipient of the Innovation, Research and Development Award from Engineers Australia for 2016.

We look for cultures of excellence and leverage the best talent there is. Our goal is to do more with less, and better.


We believe that great companies are built through bringing together people with great talent and the ability to work together.

Imagine Intelligent Materials has gathered together an exceptional group of people from around the world. Our goal is for everyone in the company to be a leader in their own right. Everyone in the company is encouraged to become an owner, by having financial “skin in the game”. It makes success personal and failure not an option. Our team is dedicated to execution and also to pushing the boundaries.

Our team is not only experienced in materials science, signals processing, software and hardware development. Our executive team have spent a lot of their lives in developing and bringing to market products and technologies that rely on innovative business models.

We put our customers and licensees at the centre of our universe and as an extension of ourselves. We know that their success is our success. Their view of us is what counts to us.

We are always looking for adventurous and driven people to join us on our journey. We want people who are passionate about improving society and solving the problems facing the planet, who will become part of the development of new sensing technologies and ways to analyse data. We want people who are motivated, have the stamina and commitment to be in it for the long haul, and have unique experiences and insights in their chosen field and a high level of confidence that they can deliver. It sounds like a tall order. We don’t think so. We want the doers to join us…

We want people who are not afraid of making mistakes, and who use their experiences to learn and improve their problem-solving abilities. We want people who think laterally – perhaps with multiple disciplines they can draw upon. We all want to get paid, but what we earn will be directly proportional to the material successes the company achieves.

We invite you to apply for one of the positions below, or alternatively just send us a an open application at careers@nullimgne.com.



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Imagine is a startup. Naturally we are on a continuous mission to identify investors who share the passion and the vision and understand that the rewards from success will be extraordinary, and that there is also a relatively high level of risk.

We believe our technology is groundbreaking. However, our partners have got to be equally determined to embrace the risk of a transformative technology.

Five Reasons Why People Have Invested in Imagine:

  1. Massive potential for valuation uplift (innovative business model + multiple revenue streams)
  2. Low-cost, scalable graphene manufacturing (protected by patents and trade secrets).
  3. We focus on large addressable pull markets and unmet needs
  4. We are customer centric
  5. Our Sensing Platform delivers real time data from the whole surface

IMGNE® is the registered trademark of Imagine Intelligent Materials Limited, an Australian unlisted public company. Our shares are not publicly traded. If you wish to be included in updates on the future plans of the company, including its plans to raise capital, please register here or send a message to: investors@nullimgne.com