Harvest energy from thin air?

2016-10-13T15:05:36+00:00 December 28th, 2014|News|

The wonder material graphene may even be able to harvest energy from thin air. Peter Shadbolthas reported that researchers at Manchester University have shown that [...]

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Laser induced graphene

2016-10-13T15:05:36+00:00 December 15th, 2014|News|

The synthesis and reduction of graphene oxides to graphene has evolved over the last decade. From chemical reduction using reducing agents such as hydrazine, to [...]

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Graphene polymer composites for dentalcare.

2016-10-13T15:05:36+00:00 November 19th, 2014|News|

2-DTech, in partnership with Evodental, have jointly secured a financial commitment for £150,000 of funding from InnovateUK to carry out investigative work into the utilisation [...]

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Composites are the key!

2016-10-13T15:05:36+00:00 November 8th, 2014|News|

Researchers at the University of Queensland have utilised the synergistic effects of graphene and carbon nanotubes to develop an energy storage electrode with a significant improvement [...]

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The End of Rust???

2016-10-13T15:05:37+00:00 November 2nd, 2014|News|

Rust-proofing coatings combined with graphene oxide leads to a materials structure that is impermeable to water, oxygen and other atmospheric gases. This has potential applications [...]

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Top-down, bottom-up fabrication

2016-10-13T15:05:39+00:00 October 28th, 2014|News|

Top-down fabrication is a subtractive process in which material is removed to produce features of a controlled shape and size (e.g. is lithography in the [...]

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Potential barrier applications using graphene

2016-10-13T15:05:39+00:00 October 24th, 2014|News|

Vikas Berry has published an interesting review on the potential barrier applications using graphene. These applications include selective coatings for barrier protection, selective gas permeation, water [...]

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Faith in fossil fuels is short-sighted

2016-10-13T15:05:39+00:00 October 20th, 2014|News|

The future of energy is in the development and implementation of energy storage technologies that will revolutionise energy efficiency by storing energy when it is [...]

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Graphene 3D Printing

2016-10-13T15:05:39+00:00 October 19th, 2014|News|

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. is currently developing graphene 3D printing technologies which it hope can revolutionise additive manufacturing. There is immense potential for this market [...]

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