Why Is Certification Needed?

  • Graphene and graphene enabled solutions are expected to revolutionise industry and improve quality of life
  • Manufacturing needs predictability and replicability
  • It’s not just about the graphene, it’s about how it interacts with processes and materials in the supply chain.

Graphene is a new material that will drive advance manufacturing over the coming decades. Imagine has proven its ability to integrate our technologies into existing manufacturing processes in order to deliver new kinds of products. As with all materials, replicability and quality assurance are critical to scalable manufacturing. This is the mission for the Imagine Graphene Certification Centre.

We don’t just make functionalised graphene. We make an undertaking that it will perform exactly as it needs to. Otherwise you are not happy, and nor are we.

Imagine’s Graphene Certification Centre is a partnership with Swinburne University of Technology and provides replicability and quality assurance within manufacturing supply chains that use our graphene-based materials.

Our materials have been selected by Materials Connexion to participate in their New York flagship showroom which displays the newest and most exciting materials to a wide audience of designers and engineers of all disciplines.