Graphene Application Quality System

Quality System

Certification is a quality system that delivers replicability across the whole supply chain. At the Imagine Graphene Certification Centre we apply proven processes across the supply chains of new graphene applications, driven by the needs of our industrial partners.

Certification achieves the following for graphene applications:

  • Understanding and analysis of the materials used throughout the supply chain
  • Establishing the optimum methods and measurements that will be relevant to manufacturers using Imagine graphene based products
  • Being assured that the end product will perform to the necessary specifications every time it is made

Imagine IM Graphene Certification System

The process for achieving certification at the Imagine Graphene Certification Centre is as follows:

  1. APPLICATION: An application is developed that utilises graphene
  2. SPECIFICATION: Specifications are developed for the new product for every stage in the supply chain
  3. CHARACTERISATION: The Imagine Graphene Certification Centre characterises the graphite, graphene and graphene compounds upon which the specifications are based
  4. TESTING: Imagine Graphene Certification Centre measures and monitors the whole supply chain against the specifications
  5. CERTIFICATION: Certifies each participant in the supply chain for the application isImgne Intelligent MaterialsCertified