Graphene Versatile Surface Sensing Systems

We develop large scale sensing surfaces, and the hardware and systems that enable useful data to be extracted and utilised. in real-time.

We use graphene to create smart materials for the key market verticals of Metro, Mobility, and Mining.

Our sensing systems report on changes in pressure, stress, temperature and moisture. We deliver a new kind of Human Machine Interface, that makes soft surface switching assignable to zones of the textile and reduces the need for hardware switching. Our goal is to make our sensing surfaces become actuators as well, with haptic interfaces that help train the user and are adaptable to the user as well.

IoT connectivity Our dashboards are customized to provide blended information from our sensors and other sources to provide actionable insights, everywhere.

Conductivity: Imagine brings conductivity to many different kinds of materials through our understanding of graphene, how to functionalise it and to apply it. The nature of graphene is that changes in its conductivity are measurable and locatable. Our technology enables us to manufacture “smart” materials and capture data from them.

Graphene: Imagine’s expertise is in manufacturing “fit for purpose” graphene that delivers the “smart” into smart materials. Graphene is a material with incredible qualities, but to realise them requires unique skills and knowledge. Not all graphene is able to achieve what Imagine can do. Our processes are protected by patents, know how, trade secrets and more.