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Innovation with Graphene

We use graphene to create smart materials that sense and report real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture.

Graphene: Imagine IM develops, manufactures and functionalises the new “wonder material”, graphene. Graphene has begun to revolutionalise materials with its incredible conductivity and strength, and enables smart functionality previously only dreamed about.

Conductivity: Imagine IM brings conductivity to many different kinds of materials through our understanding of graphene, how to functionalise and apply it. Once a material is conductive it is able to react and respond to its environment and to external stimulation, it becomes a smart material.

Smart materials: Graphene is enabling the convergence of materials and electronics. Textiles, films and composites are themselves behaving as a sensor, without the need for separate electronic devices.  Imagine IM has developed new sensing systems and algorithms that are able to draw data from its conductive materials, making them smart.