Real-Time Connected Materials Sensing Systems

We create sensing systems that extract meaningful data at scale and that report in real-time.

We use graphene to create smart materials that sense changes in pressure, stress, temperature and moisture.

Material sensors: Graphene is enabling the convergence of materials and electronics. Textiles, films and composites can themselves behave as a sensor, without the need for separate electronic devices.  Imagine has developed new sensing systems and algorithms that are able to draw data from its conductive materials.

IoT connectivity: Our dashboards are customized to provide blended information from our sensors and other sources to provide actionable insights, everywhere.

Conductivity: Imagine brings conductivity to many different kinds of materials through our understanding of graphene, how to functionalise and apply it. The nature of graphene is that changes in  conductivity are both measurable and locatable using our technology, enabling us to manufacture truly “smart” materials.

Graphene: Imagine’s expertise is in manufacturing graphene for the specific purpose of delivering “smart” materials. Not all graphene can do this. Graphene is a material with incredible qualities, but to realise them requires unique skills and knowledge. We do to this without compromising the structural integrity of the materials that we adapt into “smart” materials.