Manufacturing Graphene, the Super-Material

Graphene, the Super-Material

In order to develop versatile sensing surfaces we need to have control over the chemistry of the materials themselves, and that means control too of the coatings that we develop.

We tailor make ‘fit for purpose’  graphene that allows the development of  materials that sense and report real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture. That is why they are smart.

Graphene is the lightest, strongest, most electrically conductive substance yet discovered. Regarded as a super-material because of its unique and exceptional properties, graphene enables the development of new compound materials that will radically revolutionise everyday products in the same way that digital technology has impacted almost everything before it.

Commercialising Graphene For Manufacturing

Moving from graphene research into commercial production of graphene for composite materials is complex. Imagine is one of the only graphene companies that understands that to manufacture graphene usefully and profitably the requirements of the end product need to be fully understood. Otherwise the graphene produced may not have any relevance or value.

We focus on the end use and consequently manufacture graphene for one purpose only. This means that we can inexpensively produce what an application requires.

Our experience and knowledge  of end user needs is what helped us design our graphene pilot plant. It is  a fully functional production plant that can produce up to 10 tonnes of graphene per year.

We have now developed a micro-plant design that can be integrated into manufacturing supply chains. By the end of 2018 we will be able to deploy a “startup” plant into a manufacturing partner’s supply chain to enable initial test production runs to be made at scale, ahead of a full integration of the technology into the value chain.

We have done this because of our recognition of the time that it takes to develop products and take them to market, and the need for us to be responsive to our customers’ product launch timelines.

It is critical to the commercial success of graphene that standards are developed so that manufacturing with graphene materials is predictable and replicable. Visit our Graphene Certification Centre to see how we are achieving this.

Our CEO sits on one of the Standards Australia panels that contributes to the ISO standards panels for nano-materials.