Sensing from Smart Materials

Smart materials will deliver the next revolution in the development of smart roads, vehicles, agriculture and mines: the Internet of Materials. These new materials sense and communicate touch, pressure, temperature, moisture and movement. They are also spatially aware, able to locate where data comes from.

Graphene enables the convergence of materials and electronics. Imagine has developed new sensing systems and algorithms that capture data from conductive materials, and process it, delivering “intelligence” into an IoT world.

The functionality of smart materials is not confined to defined points. Sensing is achieved across the whole of the material, enabling sensing everywhere. Traditional sensing technology leads to a trade off between individual sensor cost, the ability to provide access to power, the scale of the materials, the cost of servicing the sensors, and real time data. With smart materials the whole area that the material covers behaves as a sensor. Whole roads can be sensors. The body of an aircraft can itself be a sensor.

Imagine uses graphene to create smart materials that sense and report real-time changes in stress, temperature and moisture.

Our brand Imgne Intelligent Materialsis all you need to know to understand that Imagine Intelligent Materials is helping the world communicate.

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