A new kind of data: Real-time connected materials sensing systems

Imagine’s Versatile Sensing Surfaces  enable our materials to generate data, move it to the cloud, process it into valuable information and then deliver it securely to an end user..

Imagine graphene-enabled smart materials have application  in a number of applications metro, mobility and mining.

The solutions and systems we develop are platform technologies that have application in a number of areas.

Mobility: Smart interior surfaces, Smart exterior surfaces, Smart drive trains, braking systems and mechanical systems.

Metro: Smart buildings, Smart roads

Mining: Smart dams, smart walls, smart equipment

We are developing prototype solutions for Fortune 500 companies in each of these market verticals.

Our method of engagement with future customers is informed by working with major companies.

We develop collaborative projects where we are able to deliver a proof of concept with little risk for the client, and where there is no IP required from the customer. This means that the commercial considerations become the focus rather than IP.

Our goal is to develop understanding and agreements with companies throughout industrial supply chains within our target market verticals.