Making all surfaces smart.

Imagine’s graphene-enabled smart surfaces can be applied across many industries and application areas. They will provide invaluable data on: structural health, stress, pressure, leak and fire detection, asset monitoring as well as human machine interfaces and control surfaces, improving risk management, safety and productivity and creating new business opportunities for our customers.

We are currently developing prototype solutions for several Fortune 500 companies and anticipate closing agreements with others in each of our target market verticals.

Our engagement model is to develop collaborative projects. We start with delivering a proof of concept where no IP is required from the customer. This means that commercial considerations are the focus rather than IP.

Our goal is to develop a deep understanding of the needs of the end user and then to put in place agreements with the companies that supply them.

Smart Buildings

Imagine is creating a solution for Smart Buildings that will provide inexpensive, position accurate, leak and moisture detection for roofs, walls and floors. Structural integrity monitoring, people and foot traffic monitoring, mesh network communications will enable asset owners to adapt their business models to the changing needs of the community and their customers.

This will provide data driven analytics of the structural health and building usage for real estate and facility management, retailers, aged care providers, hotels etc. This will all be possible because of Imagine’s graphene enabled sensing surfaces and technology platform.

Smart Floors

Imagine’s Smart Surfaces Solution deployed under a floor is a cost efficient, simple and elegant solution for measuring people movements in retail, aged care facilities, hospitals, hotels, offices or other buildings. The flooring material delivers a simple and scalable solution for sensing. No wires underneath floor, and simple to install.

Hardware attached to the edge of the sensing surface removes manufacturing complexity from the floor surface and shifts it into software and algorithms.

Anonymized and secure data is reported and visualized via a reporting application. An open API enables 3rd party data analytics and application development.

Application areas in retail, health and aged care, hotels, offices, public and residential buildings provide information about people count, foot traffic, dwell time, routing and congestion areas with ability to detect falls, alerts and objects.

Leak Detection

Similarly Leak Detection in buildings, whether from the roofs, walls, floors or other structures, can be delivered cost efficiently using imagine’s graphene based sensing surfaces and edge-based electronics. Frequent data about the health of the building will help facilities management and property owners take care of their assets and initiate interdiction before leaks and moisture cause permanent structural damage.

Smart Mining and geotechnical leak detection system

Our first product was imgne ® X3. This system was developed for our first licensee, Geofabrics Australasia. The imgne X3 is coated onto non-woven geotextile to make it conductive. This in turn is deployed in between two non-conductive membranes to allow the detection of defects in the membrane using industry standard arc testing techniques.

We are now developing ra true holy grail product for the Mining and Oil & Gas industry – real time leak location. Imagine sensing systems can also detect ground movement and the presence of heat and moisture. Even the smallest amount of ground movement or moisture can be detected in a tailings dam wall.

Leak Detection in Geotechnical Liquid Containment

imgne ® X3 is a conductive graphene-based industrial coating, applied to non-woven geotextiles and used to detect unseen holes in membranes used in civil engineering structures such as landfill cells, tailings dams and tunnels.

imgne ® X3 delivers electrical conductivity, transforming a synthetic geotextile into a simple to install, low-cost leak detection system that uses industry proven electrical leak detection methods.

Smart Infrastucture

We are developing real time leak location systems for the Mining and Oil & Gas industry which can also be applied to monitor infrastructure. Imagine sensing systems will detect ground movement and the presence of heat and moisture. Even the smallest amount of ground movement or moisture can be detected in any major infrastructure project – bridges, tunnels and other critical resources.

Further, Imagine’s strain sensing solution measures and detects movement and strain in the structures to enable remediation before there is major damage.

Imagine developed a prototype sensing smart road for Transurban that can sense and report vehicle weights, speed and position. We are developing other applications for roads that include structural health reporting and de-icing. We have also deployed a prototype smart road into a private road owned by a mining company, to monitor truck movements and weight.

Smart Automotive

Imagine developed a prototype sensing car seat in collaboration with, and for, Daimler.

The Imagine Smart Seat features a Human Machine Interface that makes the soft leather or fabric surface of the seat into a programmable switching system to control the servo motors that move the seat. This system can easily be deployed into other surfaces in the vehicle cockpit and interiors.

Our vision for the smart car is for mass personalized customization to be made possible through imgne® graphene versatile sensing surfaces. We are developing ways for our coatings to not only act as sensors but to act as actuators as well.

We are innovating a number of Proof of Concept prototypes for the automotive industry that will deliver novel sensing and human machine interface capabilities in the cockpit of the car of the future. We believe that we will be able to do the same for the exterior of the vehicle and for the drive train and other mechanical components, where solutions can be customised remotely to meet preset user preferences through an app on their phones

Imagine’s smart sensing can also be deployed for tracking movement and measuring weight in a truck or shipping container enabling logistics companies to capture data about cargo, including breakage and theft, leakages and loading and unloading efficiency metrics. Data driven logistics is a well-known path to improve efficiency and profitability of the business

Industry 4.0

Imagine’s sensing surfaces are also applicable for Industry 4.0, whether there is a need to follow movement of vehicles and people on a factory floor, establish secure areas to enable safe collaboration with people, robots or autonomous factory vehicles, or to provide real time information about leakages and apply Human Machine interfaces in the premises or processes.