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Leak Detection in Geotechnical Liquid Containment

imgne® X3 is a conductive graphene-based industrial coating, applied to non-woven geotextiles and used to detect unseen holes in membranes used in civil engineering structures such as landfill cells, tailings dams and tunnels.

imgne® X3 delivers electrical conductivity, transforming a synthetic geotextile into a simple to install, low-cost leak detection system that uses industry proven electrical leak detection methods.

Technical Information:

Leak DetectionGeotechnical leak location system: Developed with partner Geofabrics Australasia this system uses a conductive non-woven geotextile in between two non-conductive membranes to allow the detection of defects in the membrane using industry standard arc testing techniques.


Commercial geotechnical liquid containment defect detection field trial video (30th Sept 2016):