Mining & Resources

Smart Mines

Mining and oil & gas sites will use smart materials to improve safety and increase productivity. Imagine sensing systems are able to detect ground movement and the presence of heat and moisture, detecting even the smallest amount of ground movement or moisture in a mining area or tailings dam. Additionally smart roads will monitor vehicle position, weight and speed, working in tandem with autonomous vehicles.

IMGNE laboratory demonstration of pressure location sensor

IMGNE laboratory demonstration of moisture location sensor

Leak Detection in Geotechnical Liquid Containment

Imgne Intelligent MaterialsX3 is a conductive graphene-based industrial coating, applied to non-woven geotextiles and used to detect unseen holes in membranes used in civil engineering structures such as landfill cells, tailings dams and tunnels.

Imgne Intelligent MaterialsX3 delivers electrical conductivity, transforming a synthetic geotextile into a simple to install, low-cost leak detection system that uses industry proven electrical leak detection methods.

Imagine animation of leak detection system usingImgne Intelligent MaterialsX3 technology

Geotechnical leak detection system

Developed with partner Geofabrics Australasia, this system uses a conductive non-woven geotextile in between two non-conductive membranes to allow the detection of defects in the membrane using industry standard arc testing techniques.

Leak Detection

imgne® X3 leak detection field trial demonstration, IMGNE 2016