Imagine has just completed the development of a prototype “smart seat” for Daimler’s R&D Group in Stuttgart.


The Imagine Smart Seat features an Human Machine Interface that makes the surface of the seat into a programmable switching system that controls the seat. This system can be deployed into other

Our vision for the smart car is for there to be mass customisation through imgne(R) graphene versatile sensing surfaces. We are developing ways for our coatings to not only act as sensors but to act as actuators as well.

We are producing a number of new proof of concept prototypes for Daimler that will deliver novel sensing and human machine interface capabilities in the cockpit of the car of the future. We look forward to being able to do the same for them for the exterior of the vehicle and for the drive train and other mechanical components, where these can be customised to suit the users’ preferences, remotely.

Imagine developed a prototype sensing  smart road for Transurban that can sense and report on vehicle weights, speed and position. We are developing other applications for roads that include structural health reporting and de-icing.  We have also deployed a prototype smart road into a private road owned by a mining company, to monitor truck movements and weight.

All of the applications being developed for smart mobility can be deployed into smart buildings.