Graphene: Scalable – Transformative – Conductive – Sensing

We use graphene to create smart sensing surfaces that detect changes occurring in, on and under the smart surface.

This sensing is enabled by two key properties of graphene, it’s exceptionally high electrical conductivity and its strong response to certain events, like pressure & water combined with it’s low cost when manufactured in a top-down process from graphite, a naturally occurring mineral.

In order to develop versatile sensing surfaces for multiple applications we need to have control over the chemistry of the materials. We tailor make ‘fit for purpose’ graphene that allows the development of graphene and dispersions of graphene (‘masterbatch’) that can be used in ordinary manufacturing processes. To give us this control and responsiveness, we have built a graphene manufacturing plant using proprietary and licensed technologies.

Graphene is the lightest, strongest, most electrically conductive substance yet discovered. Regarded as a super-material because of its unique and exceptional properties, graphene enables the development of new compound materials that will radically revolutionise everyday products in the same way that digital technology has impacted almost everything before it.

It is critical to the commercial success of graphene that standards are developed so that manufacturing with graphene materials is predictable and replicable. Visit our Graphene Certification Centre to see how we are achieving this.

Our CEO sits on one of the Standards Australia panels that contributes to the ISO standards panels for nano-materials.

Properties of Graphene

Smart Surfaces: Large Scale – Edge Sensing – Modular – Upgradable

Smart materials will deliver the next revolution in the development of smart buildings, roads, vehicles, agriculture and mines: the Internet of Materials (IoM). These sensing surfaces measure and communicate touch, pressure, temperature, moisture and movement. They are also spatially aware, able to locate where data comes from.

Graphene enables the convergence of materials and electronics into smart materials for the IoM and smart surfaces are at the forefront of this revolution. Through our understanding and control of the chemistry of graphene Imagine can add conductivity to many different kinds materials and surfaces. Once a material is conductive it is able to react and respond to its environment and to external stimulation, it becomes a smart material.

Smart surfaces bring new concepts to sensing and require new ways of connecting and communicating. Imagine has developed proprietary techniques and electronics to extract data from the smart surfaces. The key to enabling smart surfaces without high cost is to sense from the edge. Easy to install and upgrade, imgne® Visible™ provides a unique modular and scalable platform for smart surface sensing from the edge.


Sensing: Sensing Everywhere – Functional – Modular – Scalable

The functionality of smart materials is not confined to defined points. Sensing is achieved across the whole of the material, enabling sensing everywhere. Traditional sensing technology leads to a trade-off between individual sensor cost, the ability to provide access to power, the scale of the materials, the cost of servicing the sensors, and real time data. With smart materials the whole area that the material covers behaves as a sensor.

Graphene has allowed Imagine to produce high sensitivity materials at very large scale (hundreds of thousands of square meters). This quantum change in the scale of sensing makes practical applications that were previously impossible. Whole roads can be sensors. The body of an aircraft can itself be a sensor. Your floor is one giant sensor.

Key to low cost, large area sensing is the ability to sense from the edge, creating a robust sensing surface and eliminating or reducing the need for electronics, wires and batteries and greatly simplifying the installation.

Imagine has created electrical devices that sense large areas with high sensitivity using advanced analog signal processing techniques coupled to carefully designed graphene coatings on surfaces. Embodies in the imgne® Visible™ modular platform these distributed edge-devices capture, process, digitise and send data over a local network to a server for further digital signal processing (DSP) and communication to the Cloud.

Data & Analytics: Data – Information – Insight – Action

Imagine’s proprietary graphene sensing technology allows us to get data from nearly any surface and is designed for Internet of Things connectivity, using Amazon Web Services Cloud to process, store and communicate data.

Imagine process the raw data into valuable data and presents this to the user via the imgne® Visible™ API, which allows users to perform their own analytics or rely on Imagine’s analytics to extract data from materials and turn it into useful, actionable information.

Dashboards and Cloud services can be tailored or users can rely on their own internal services, making visible what used to be invisible.