Imagine envisions a world where every surface performs like a human skin and provides important data about its state.

Imagine’s graphene-enabled smart surfaces will provide real time actionable insights on structural health, stress, pressure, leaks and fire detection, asset monitoring as well as control surfaces, improving risk management, safety and productivity making our environment better and safer.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier globally, of large scale sensing solutions and the data that is generated from them, using graphene.

We understand that it is not enough to create innovative products that contain graphene. Unless they are able to be manufactured at scale and at the right price they won’t reach the biggest addressable markets. That is exactly what we are doing.

Our end users will be able to monitor and predict movement of people in the hospitality industry and in retail, monitor, predict and prevent falls in aged care homes, receive structural integrity reports on buildings, dams and other valuable assets, and all in real time. Our end users will manage risks better, with benefits felt across all sectors of the community. Improved safety for our communities, and a reduced financial hit on our economies because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All of these applications are very large scale and will require significant volumes of graphene in order to be scaled.

Graphene enabled will become a key component of every aspect of Manufacturing 4.0, and we will be one of the companies that drive it.

The sensing surfaces are enabled by cost efficient graphene coatings. All intelligence and complexity is moved from the materials into edge-based electronics hardware and upgradeable software. This modular approach will deliver a revolution in sensing and data analytics that will disrupt all market verticals.

Solutions will be affordable, reliable and scalable.

Graphene coatings can be applied to make commodity materials into versatile and intelligent materials. The commodity materials are already in use in the supply chain and hence create no additional hurdles for market adoption.

Imagine is starting to work with industry leaders in various market verticals to enable the partner companies to transition from being traditional manufacturers into technology companies with recurring revenue streams from providing data services.